Photonics Investments was founded by Jan Melles, its president and CEO, in 1992. He has been active in the optics/photonics industry in the US and Europe for close to forty years and has extensive business activities in Asia. He founded many companies both in Europe and the US and grew them into successful businesses. He serves on the boards of several companies, publicly held and private.

Photonics Investments, headquartered in The Netherlands, is involved in the optics/photonics industry in three areas:

Investing in start up - and early development companies and supporting their management to grow them into successful businesses.

Helping owners of companies wishing to sell their business to find buyers and support them in the complex process of getting their company sold.

Helping companies wishing to expand their operations by locating potential acquisition candidates and provide such companies support in bringing the acquisition to a successful completion.

Contrary to venture capital companies, investment bankers and business brokers which commonly offer their services to a broad range of clients, Photonics Investments focuses solely on the optics/photonics industry whereby optics/photonics is defined as optical components and systems, opto-mechanics, lasers, fiber optics and optical instrumentation.