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Selling or buying a business - Buying a business

Growing the business can be achieved either intrinsically, in other words by extrapolating the business’ current activities, through the acquisition of a complementary business or both.

Running a business is a full time occupation and doing so and at the same time trying to look for a business to buy and going through the steps of the complex acquisition process is difficult if not impossible for most business managers.

Photonics Investments can assist management in the process of locating and valuing potential acquisition candidates and guiding it through the acquisition process.

As is the case for business sellers, Photonics Investments only gets involved in optics/photonics related companies such as manufacturers of optical or opto mechanical components or systems, lasers, fiber optics (non telecom) and optical instrumentation.

Photonics Investments’ portfolio of companies for sale or companies looking for businesses to buy is updated frequently. Please contact us for further details.