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One of the most difficult decisions a business owner must make in his or her life is if and when to sell his or her business. For most business owners their company has been a key aspect of their lives, something they are very proud of. Particularly with family owned businesses it is not uncommon that this can be a very emotional issue.

It is for that very reason that business owners more often than not are the worst sellers of their own business causing negotiations either to fail or to leave large sums of money on the table. Selling a business is a very complex process that has to be managed carefully every step on the way to avoid road blocks or a break down of the negotiations with potentially excellent buyers.

Mergers and acquisition specialists usually take over the process of selling the business with ongoing interaction with the seller. Photonics Investments on the other hand leaves the selling process under the control of the seller but supports and advises him every step on the way to bringing the transaction to a satisfactory conclusion.

Photonics Investments only handles clients in the optics/photonics industry which includes businesses involved in the manufacturing or sale of optical or opto mechanical components and systems, lasers, fiber optics (other than telecom) and optical instrumentation in the widest sense of the word.